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KidSpirit Archery will no longer be offered during the school year. Archery will stil  be offered during KidSpirit Summer Day Camp! Sign up for KidSpirit Summer Day Camp and join the fun!!

Alternative Progams in Corvallis:

Benton Bowmen

Archery Hut


During archery, KidSpirit gets the chance to teach your kids about the ins and outs of the bow and arrow. They will learn the mechanisms and techniques that go into firing a bow along with the proper safety precautions. We also build their knowledge and vocabulary by providing brief history lessons into how this fun sport came to be.Beyond its basic principals Archery improves strength, patience, and hand eye coordination skills that participants will use every day. 

Are you a student who wants to teach archery? Check out our Employment page to see if a job as an Archery Instructor is right for you!

Class Levels

Arrow Head Level Skills (K-2nd Grade): 

  • Proper Archery stance
  • How to hold the bow and arrow
  • Names of parts of bow and arrow
  • Mechanics of a bow and arrow (how a bow works, how do arrows fly straight, etc.)
  • History of Archery and types of bows and arrows

Bowmaster Level Skills (3rd-8th Grade): 

  • Different types of stances
  • Mechanics of drawing back on string
  • Precision shooting
  • Introduction to competitive Archery (scoring, Olympics, etc.)
  • Aiming techniques and form

Class & Pick-Up Location

Classes will take place in the Langton Golf Cages which are an undercover area towards the south end of Langton hall, between Langton and Dixon Rec Center. Can't find them? Look at this map or contact the KidSpirit office. Pick-up will also take place at the golf cages once class has ended.

Wondering where you can park? Find out at our parking page!


What to Bring

  • All archery equipment is provided
  • Closed toe shoes are required
  • Dress appropriately for the weather (raincoat if needed, layers, etc)
  • Snacks and a water bottle are not provided, bring as needed
  • Pull back long hair
  • No Jewelry (instructor will moderate this as needed)

Viewing Classes

For safety reasons, non-participants will need to stay in the designated viewing area as specified by the instructor.

Contact Info

OSU KidSpirit
2450 Jefferson Way
125 Langton Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
541.737.KIDS (5437)
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