During archery, KidSpirit gets the chance to teach your kids about the ins and outs of the bow and arrow. They will learn the mechanisms and techniques that go into firing a bow along with proper safety precautions. We also build their knowledge and vocabulary by providing brief history lessons into how this fun sport came to be. Beyond its basic principles, Archery improves strength, patience, and hand eye coordination skills that participants will use every day.

Spring 2018 Classes

Archery classes will run April 7 - June 9 (Saturdays Only) (No class on May 26th for Memorial Weekend)


Bowmaster Level Skills (3rd-8th Grade): $64

Saturdays 10:00am-10:50am (Starting September 24)

  • Different types of stances
  • Mechanics of drawing back on string
  • Precision shooting
  • Introduction to competitive Archery (scoring, Olympics, etc.)
  • Aiming techniques and form

Join the 4-H Club to Compete: $35

The KidSpirit Archery Program will be partnering with 4H this year. This partnership gives kids the opportunity to compete in monthly competitions to work towards competing at the State Competition. Theses competitions happen during the class time and only with KidSpirit's 4H members, the targets are then sent in to determine ranking. KidSpirit Archery kids who choose to do 4H will stay an additional 30 minutes after the normal class to learn how to keep an archery journal, and work towards completing their advancements. Our Archery supervisor is 4H instructor certified, all assistants are 4H volunteer certified, and all have gone through 4H training.

Class & Pick-Up Location

Classes will take place in the Langton Golf Cages, which is a covered area towards the south end of Langton hall, between Langton and Dixon Rec Center. Can't find them? Look at this map or contact the KidSpirit office. Pick-up will also take place at the golf cages once class has ended. Instructors will notify if classes will be at E.E. Wilson instead.

Wondering where you can park? Find out at our parking page! Or check out OSU's visitor parking page!

What to Bring

  • All archery equipment is provided
  • Closed toe shoes are required
  • Dress appropriately for the weather (raincoat if needed, layers, etc)
  • Snacks and a water bottle are not provided, bring as needed
  • Pull back long hair
  • No jewelry (instructor will moderate this as needed)

Viewing Classes

For safety reasons, non-participants will need to stay in the designated viewing area as specified by the instructor.