KidSpirit is excited to partner with the Moore Family Center for our summer cooking programs! The Moore Family Center is dedicated to helping individuals and communities live healthier through healthy foods and good nutrition. Campers will learn different cooking techniques and healthy substitutions, as well as kitchen safety and cooking skills.

Classes offered include:


Dam Builders

Duck Busters

Activity Fee

Chefs in Motion (Grades 3-5)* Session 3, 5   $60
Future Iron Chefs (Grades 3-5 & 6-8)* Session 1, 2 Session 1, 4 $60

    *Activity Fees are added to cooking classes. 

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      KidSpirit Cooking Program Objectives

      junior chefs

      Through demonstrations and personalized instruction from our culinary staff, students will learn different cooking techniques and healthy substitutions. Subjects such as kitchen safety and clean-up are emphasized. In addition to cooking skills the chefs will examine nutritional value, portion size, and table presentation.

      Benny's Kitchen (Grades K-2 & 3-5)

      *Due to the shortened summer 2017 schedule Benny's Kitchen is not offered. We hope to have you next year!
      Get cookin’ in the intro to our summer cooking programs! Campers will learn kitchen safety, the importance of nutrition, and make healthy and creative snacks.

      Chefs in Motion (Grades 3-5 and 6-8)

      chefs in motion

      Participants in Chefs in Motion develop culinary skills, prepare healthy foods and learn the fundamentals of table etiquette while training to walk/run a 5k.

      Chefs in Motion is an overall wellness program that combines running/walking and cooking to give youth the opportunity to participate in non-competitive physical activities with a nutritional cooking component. Runners and walkers of all levels are welcome. This season is limited to 15 participants per age group.

      Each week, the participants will start by engaging in physical activity to promote regular exercise and overall health. Afterwards, they move into the kitchen where students will learn about cooking techniques as well as nutrition and health-conscious decision making.

      • Running/walking: Participants will run/walk as a team with the goal of completing the distance equivalent to a marathon over nine weeks of activity. Each individual will chart their first 23 miles over the course of the season and receive free entry into a KidSpirit community 5K event to reach the 26 mile mark to complete their marathon.
      • Cooking: Through hands-on activities, participants will learn the art of recipe preparation, kitchen skills, safety, menu planning, and grocery shopping. Participants will also learn the importance of a healthy diet and well balanced meals by preparing their own meals.

      iron chefs

      Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend and participate with their child/children.

      Future Iron Chefs (Grades 3-5 and 6-8)

      Our Future Iron Chefs will learn the basics of food preparation, presentation, and nutrition in a hands-on cooking environment. Chefs will prepare healthy meals daily, including snacks and desserts.

      What to Bring

      Bring a backpack with a refillable water bottle, snacks, and sunscreen. Closed toed shoes are also required and hair needs to be tied back while cooking. The campers will cook their own lunch during their cooking classes and eat it! Equipment is provided for camp classes; however, campers may bring their own equipment. KidSpirit will not be held liable for any loss or damage to any personal belongings. Visiting Classes


      Check-in to the KidSpirit office in Langton 125. Picture ID is required to verify authorized pick-up/visitor. A visitor pass will be issued and is to be worn at all times. Lunch visitors can get a visitor pass from the Lunch Boss table.

      KidSpirit reserves the right to cancel or combine classes that are below the minimum participant requirement.