KidSpirit Staff Giving Circle

Currently, students along with the help and support of Karen "Big Mama K" Swanger have founded a KidSpirit Staff Giving Circle Program. The program encourages current Oregon State students, alumnus, families, and community members to pledge $10 or more a month to give back to KidSpirit programs. For the 2016-2017 school year, the funds raised by the KidSpirit Staff Giving Circle will be donated to the Geoff Tomlinson KidSpirit Scholarship Endowment Fund. Click the donation box on the right side of the page to donate!


Participating KidSpirit Staff and Community Members

Allison "Kona" Medina, Kelsey Richert, Emilie "Blackberry" DeClercque, Rosa "Rolo" Cervantes, Meghan "Crayola" Webb, JJ "Stringbean" Keim, Tanya Vanderlinde, Peter "Rex" Orrestad, Jessica "Sporty" Schaub, Rachelle "Aqua" Hansmann, Amity "Princess Aurora" Elliot, Marissa "Piglet" Stover, Carissa "Dory" Schuff, Torin "Sonic" Pulfrey, Molly "Zazu" Coffman, Christian "Crash" Collett, Quinton "Q-Dog" Rennaker, Brittany "Bee" Stuber, Alyssa "Eve" Hughes, Eddie "Olaf" Cardenas, Karen DeClercque, Maria Tomlinson, Amy and Pat Lampton, Hannah "Green Bean" Keim, Josh Kvidt, Karen "Big Mama K" Swanger, Krissy "K Rush" Swanger, Cara and Tiffany Walter.


How To Give

KidSpirit Staff Giving Circle History

Trying to raise funds for scholarships, two KidSpirit staff implemented the first version of a fundraising program called the KidSpirit Staff Giving Circle in fall of 2009. The goal was that staff and friends of KidSpirit would give ten dollars each month to our program. They challenged each participating staff to find a matching donation from their family and/or friends. By August 2012, KidSpirit had 28 staff members and their family members participate from 2009 to 2012 and raise a total of $2,886.00. The KidSpirit Staff Giving Circle restarted at the beginning of the 2013 school year, and has since raised $4,503.19 as of May 2014. Check out the "How to Give" video to join the KidSpirit staff in raising funds for the Geoff Tomlinson KidSpirit Scholarship Endowment Fund! 

Giving Program - In The News

Kasra "Grizzly" Azizian is highlighted in this OSU Foundations article with the Campaign for OSU. The Daily Barometer covered the giving program back in 2010 with this article. This Synergies article from the College of Public Health and Human Sciences covers the Giving Program as well!

Check Out the Video

Here is a video created by Grizzly & Tank highlighting the KidSpirit Giving Program. Special thanks to Little Bear, Kapone, & Squirt for photo contributions.


Total Raised from 2009-2011 Giving Circle Years was $2,820!!!

Adam "Tank" Aguilar, Kasra "Grizzly" Azizian, Shahrnaz "Grizzly's Mom" Badiee, Sarah "Sala" Boam, Autumn "Tulip" Borroz, Daniel "OP" Callahan, Cameron "G" Chamblin, Allen "Thunder" Dean, Jordee "Olive" Johnson, Molly "Kiwi" Labrousse, Lisa "Tank's Mom" Lauterbur, Joyce "Barnacle's Mom" Lee, Kathrine "Barnacle" Lee, Jamie "Starby" Nelson, Meaghan "Sweet Pea" Reid, Brittinay "Miss-Match" Richmond, Tiffany "Orbit" Walter, Kayla "Sila" Staggs, Steele Family: Kelli, Tom, & Brian, Karen "Big Mama K" Swanger, Geoff "Ash" Tomlinson, Joseph "Wolverine" Traeger

OSU Faculty Giving

If you are a member of the OSU Faculty and would like to make your pledge to KidSpirit, OSU Foundation makes it easy. Just fill out a Payroll Deduction Authorization Form and Foundation will deduct your specified pledge from your Oregon State University paycheck to donate to KidSpirit programs. Drop off completed forms at the KidSpirit Office in Langton 125 and we will take the forms over to the OSU Foundation office for you!