All KidSpirit staff must be First Aid and CPR certified. If hired, staff will not be required to be certified until two weeks before camp begins. KidSpirit will be offering a group CPR/First Aid certification course at Dixon Recreational Center for anyone who needs to be certified. Details will be released after hiring is complete.

In addition, all KidSpirit staff, if hired, are required to be Belay Certified (for rock climbing) through Dixon Recreational Center. The certification is free to OSU students and a cost of $10 for non-OSU students. All certifications must be done through Dixon. KidSpirit cannot accept Belay Certifications from other facilities or universities.

Anyone interested in working with the KidSpirit cooking programs needs to have an Oregon Food Handler's Permit.

Pay Scale

Experience is defined as skills, knowledge, and/or work in a school, classroom, camp, or instructional setting. Experience is calculated on full-time work at 40 hours/week.

Listed rates take effect July 1, 2016

Rate ($) Experience


0-3 months**
9.75-9.85 3 months - 1 year
9.85-9.95 1-2 years*
9.95-10.05 2-3 years*
10.05 & up 3+ years*
  *Experience or special level of responsibility/certification

**Starting rates according to Oregon government minimum wage.