The KidSpirit Gymnastics Program has been a integral part of KidSpirit since the program was introduced in the 1960's. Our gymnastics program builds the flexibility, balance, and strength that participants will need in any sport, not just gymnastics! Participants also learn about perserverance, patience, trusting others, managing risk, and countless other life skills.

  • KidSpirit takes pride in their gymnastics classes, instructors, and facility at OSU. Classes are offered to youth as young as 24 months up to 18 years old. KidSpirit offers a variety of classes for your child's needs.

Our recreational gymnastics program builds confidence in its participants in an encouraging, safe, and non-competitive environment. Our recreational gymnasts learn to love the sport of gymnastics and watch their skills progress at their own paces. Recreational Gymnastics classes serve boys and girls from parent and child classes through level four of the gymnastics progression. Classes are offered Monday through Saturday

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Open Gymnastics (Ages 4-18)  Fall, Winter & Spring Terms

Open Gymnastics • $10 ● Fridays 6:20-8:20pm • Ages 4-18 ● online registration is available, or you can come into the KidSpirit office to register!

Children can enjoy supervised time in the Langton Gymnastics Room to practice skills, meet new friends, and to have fun! Participants must be at least 4 years of age for the guardian to leave the facility during Open Gymnastics. Pre-registration is not required, but participants must have a signed release form. Release forms are available in the KidSpirit office before and during Open Gymnastics. Open Gymnastics will not be offered on the nights that the OSU Gymnastics Team has home meets; we encourage your family to go to the meets and support the Beavers!

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Age Dependent Classes (Ages 2-5)

Levels Description

Head Over Heels
Age 2
35 min • $67

This is a parent/child class where participants develop motor skills and practice social interactions. This class will focus on introductory gymnastics skills, incorporating balance, coordination, and flexibility. KidSpirit asks that one adult participate with each child in this class.

Tiny Tots
Age 3
 • 40 min • $69

This is a parent/child class where participants continue working on skills developed in Head Over Heels. Further emphasis is placed on gymnastics fundamentals. Skills include rolling, jumping, holding positions on the bars, and various walks on the beam.KidSpirit asks that one adult participate with each child in this class.

Ages 4-5 • 50 min • $85

Participants in this class will become familiar with all gymnastics apparatus while developing independence. Skills include introductory vault skills, support holds on bars, balancing on the beam, and forward rolls on the floor

Skill Dependent Classes (Ages 6+)

Levels Description
Level 1 
Ages 6-18 • 60 min • $92
This is an introductory class for school-age children. The class will familiarize students with gymnastics equipment as well as basic gymnastics skills. Skills include squat ons on the vault, pullovers on the bars, levers on the beam, backward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands on the floor.
Level 2
Ages 6-18 • 60 min • $92
This is a continuation of our Level 1 class. Students will master basic gymnastics skills and acquire new skills such as handstand hops, stride circles, pivot turns on the beam, backbend to bridge, bridge kickover, and backward roll to pike stand on the floor. Students can enroll in this class upon recommendation of KidSpirit gymnastics staff.
Level 3
Ages 6-18 • 90 min
1x per week/ 2x per week $106/ $212
Students will master skills learned in Level 1 and Level 2 while learning more advanced skills. An emphasis will be placed on skill connection and technique. Skills include glides on bars, cartwheel on the low beam, roundoff rebound, and back handsprings on the floor. Students can enroll in this class upon recommendation of KidSpirit gymnastics staff.
Level 4
Ages 6-18
 • 90 min
1x per week/ 2x per week 
$106/ $212
This class continues to work on advanced gymnastics skills including hurdle to front handspring on the vault, glide kip, cartwheel and roundoff dismount on beam, front walkover, and roundoff back handsprings. Gymnasts can enroll in this class upon recommendation of KidSpirit gymnastics staff.

*KidSpirit Reserves the right to cancel or combine classes that are below the minimum participant requirement.

What You Need to Know

What to Bring

To participate fully in gymnastics, clothing should be easy to move around in and be free of zippers and buttons. Additionally, long hair should be pulled back, jewelry should be removed, and feet should be bare on the gymnastics equipment.


For detailed parking information, check out our KidSpirit parking page or OSU's visitor parking page.

Class & Pick-Up Location

All Recreational Gymnastics classes are held in Langton 310 on the 2nd floor, where they should be picked up at the completion of their class. Langton Hall is on Jefferson Way across from the Memorial Union. Can't find us? Look at this map or contact the KidSpirit office.

Class Make-Up Policy

To ensure appropriate instructor to student ratio, participants can make-up classes only if their class level has an availability at a different day/time. Please contact the office to make these arrangements ahead of time.

Visiting Classes

There is a designated viewing area for non-participants, and we ask that non-participants stay in this area. This viewing area has many seats for parents and others to stay during the gymnastics classes. The outer gymnasium is reserved for use by Oregon State University physical activity classes, and is not available to KidSpirit Families without prior reservation.

Class Levels and Skill Testing

There are many class options in Gymnastics, so a good place to start is by looking at our Class Descriptions! If your child has not taken Gymnastics ever before, or if you just are not sure what level they should go in then you may contact our office to correspond with a gymnastic supervisor to set up a skill test.