We aim to not only host birthday parties, but anything else you can think of; this includes, parties for your scout troop, sports team, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and many more! Our parties will be staffed to assist you in any and every way possible. Choose from one of the following activities for your party, then contact our office to start setting it up today! KidSpirit provides Archery, Bowling, Gymnastics, Gym Games, or even Custom Parties (Painting, arts & crafts, etc).

What to Bring

You Provide:
  • Food (Cake, dessert, snacks, etc.)
  • Beverages
  • Utensils (spoons, forks, knives, matches, etc.)
  • Tableware (bowls, plates, cups, etc.)
  • And the kids!
KidSpirit Provides:
  • Staff members
  • Activities
  • Facility
  • Balloons (you pick the color(s))
  • Plenty of fun for everyone!
  • Clean up!

Party Length

KidSpirit hosts a party for 1.5 hours. Extra time can be added. 

1 hour of choice activity will be provided with 30 minutes of present opening or other activity. 30 minutes of time is given before the party starts so that you can decorate the room with the decorations you provide. 


Many of our parties are near our office at 125 Langton Hall, so the location of the party and where pick-up happens depends on your selection!

Wondering where you can park? Find out at our KidSpirit parking page! Or check out OSU's visitor parking page.


Prices include a party for 1-10 children for an hour and a half.

Party Activity Activity Fee
Archery $128
Gymnastics $134
Gym Games $113
Bowling Varies
Custom Varies

Additional Fees

$8 for each additional child

$20 for each additional 30 minutes

To schedule a special event, party, or to inquire about hiring us to provide childcare at your event please call the KidSpirit Office at 541.737.5437 or send us an email!


If you have any questions, or to schedule a party, call the KidSpirit office at 541-737-5437 or email us. KidSpirit requires 3 weeks notice prior to swimming parties and 2 weeks notice prior for all other parties.

Party Visitors

We can assist you in keeping your party safe and fun! Let us know who you want at the party and what we can do to help. Parents are welcome to stay at parties so long as you approve of it as well.

Check out our registration page for a full summary of KidSpirit programs (including Special Events and Parties!)