KidSpirit partners with some amazing programs during summer to give your child the chance to experience various summer programs in Corvallis. Your child will be able to enroll in one of our partner programs for the morning sessions and then come to KidSpirit in the afternoon! Check out the Partner Program brochure page to see more information and dates for this summer!


The Craft Center

Sponsored by the OSU Craft Center, this 2-week , ½ day camp will have student artists fully engaged  exploring  various mediums & techniques. Each day they will rotate between two studios, working with two experienced art teachers. Half of the class day will be spent experiencing 2-D and 3-D art/craft techniques and mediums, drawing inspiration from: primitive art, the masters, cubism, pop-art, animation and more! The second half will focus on ceramics techniques that will include: various 'hand-building methods as well as learning how to throw on the pottery wheel.  Functional & sculptural works will be explored. Fun hands-on learning, creative freedom, and lots of projects combine to make great summer memories!

Artists will Check- in at Kidspirit , and be escorted to the Craft Center.



KidSpirit Partner Program Expeditions


Expeditions is a wonderful youth programming provider on the OSU campus with it's Precollege program for 3rd-4th graders.

KidSpirit Staff will pick up campers from Expeditions and transport them to KidSpirit in time for lunch! There will be a transportation fee (payable to Expeditions) and a lunch-care fee (payable to KidSpirit) for the two week session.

For more information regarding Expedition programs contact Precollege Programs for TAG Youth at (541) 737-2670 or visit their website:

STEM Academy

STEM Academy (Formerly Saturday Academy)

The STEM Academy is a non-profit, extracurricular pre college progam hosted by OSU. Students of Saturday Academy will also be able to attend KidSpirit in the afternoon session.

KidSpirit staff will drop off campers at or pick up campers from STEM Academy (a precollege program for 2nd through 12th graders) and transport them to and from KidSpirit! There will be a transition and lunch-care fee per week-long session, payable to KidSpirit.

For more information contact STEM Academy at (541) 737-8139 or visit their website: