What is it?

KidSpirit is offering Adult Night Out as a NEW program and registration item! The College of Liberal Arts is partnering with KidSpirit to offer childcare during their concert series.

  • Adults who are not attending the concert can still take advantage of this childcare opportunity! 



  • Adult Night Out hours are 6:30pm-10:00pm on the Concert Night Dates (see below).
  • Cost is $30/child per date (This breaks down to $8.57/hour!)
  • Ages: Attendees must be pottytrained and 3+ years
  • Children will participate in activities like: arts, sports, science, gymnastics, gym games, and a quiet movie (G-rated) time at the end of the night. 


Check-In Info

Adult Concert Attendees and Non-concert Attendees: Check-in and Check-Out will in Langton Hall, Room 126. Please bring a Photo ID for check out!



Registration is open to any family, not just those going to the concert.

Click here for the registration for the event of Slavic soul Party! on March 19, 2020

Click here for the registration for the event of yMusic on April 11, 2020


Adult Night Out Dates

These dates correspond with the concert dates View Dates