The Archery class has completed its fourth week this term. We have been focusing on the archery aspects of stance, aiming, and grips. In week one, we taught the students to take a stance using their shoulders as a guide for their feet. In week two, the students learned how to properly grip a bow with the butt of their palm as well as holding the string with their middle three fingers, two being kids doing archerybelow the knock and one above. The following week we taught students how to find their dominant eye. After we taught students how to find their dominant eye we taught to aim down the shaft of the arrow. We have also started working on the basic skills needed to judge distance and compensate our shots for increased ranges. As we move further into the term we will continue to develop these Archery skills while introducing new skills.

Next we plan on working through anchoring our shots to become more consistent archers. An anchor being a place where you can return your hand every time you draw the string of the bow. The students will also be learning how to properly release the string in the weeks to follow which is an essential part of leaning the Archery follow through. After we have finished learning the aspects of archery we will move towards understanding Olympic scoring for Archery.

We have a busy term ahead of us with lots of fun in store. It is our goal to continue challenging the students through a productive and fun course full of new skills, different targets, and unique games.