The first word that comes to mind when I think about KidSpirit is energy! The office is always buzzing and people

are coming in and out like crazy! Although it has the potential to be a hectic environment, it manages to stay positive

and enjoyable. I believe this comes from everyone embracing the FISH philosophy that we have here at KidSpirit! When

there are 6-15 people in the office at one time all aiming to make your day, it’s hard to be grumpy! This positive energy

is what, I believe, gets us through even the craziest and seemingly unorganized times. There is also never a shortage of

shoulders to cry on! Returning to the FISH philosophy, everyone is there, in the moment at work. This focused attention

at work allows us to experience every moment together in the office!


            The most important thing to me about the office is the way I feel about the people I work with. I have started to

feel like it is more of a second family and less of a work group. When you struggle through long tasks lists, and days

that are non-stop you get closer with those you survive with, and I definitely feel that here at Kidspirit! Everyone cares

about your well-being, confidence, and growth as a human being which is just one of the many things I love about