KidSpirit is different from other jobs on campus not only because we have the opportunity to constantly make a difference

in children’s lives, but we have one student director and all of our supervisor’s are students.  Essentially, day to day

operations are run by students with a non-student director giving an overall plan and direction. 

My favorite part of the job is working with people your own age who understand what your schedule is like.  Having

supervisors that are in same position as all the employee’s allows for a much more effective and understanding

relationship.  Since everybody, coworkers and supervisors, are all on the same level and around the same age you

become friends with each other which makes work much more fun and entertaining.

Being part of a work place that makes a difference in children’s lives everyday makes the job more rewarding.  Our

classes help kids prepare for the future whether it is improving their fine motor skills in gymnastics, encouraging their

imagination in art or drama class, or building their self esteem during Girls on the Run, whenever they are with us we

are equipping them for the future.  Not many college jobs can boast this form of experience.  To top it off, we are

located right in the middle of campus, which couldn’t be more convenient for any student.