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Due to our need to maintain student-to-instructor ratios, make-up classes for summer camp programs are not available. If you know your camper will be absent one day, you can let us know at the KidSpirit Office by calling 541.737.KIDS (5437), or shooting us an email!


Please inform the KidSpirit office of any allergies and/or medications your child is currently taking. You can do this at the time of registration, or by logging into your ideal-logic account and editing your camper's medical information. If your camper requires medication at camp, we ask that you stop by the office before camp begins to fill out an additional form and bring us the medication in its original container to the KidSpirit office, in 125 Langton Hall. All medications will be kept in the KidSpirit office and dispensed as prescribed by a doctor. Please keep allergies and other medical needs updated with KidSpirit so we may provide your camper everything they need!

Childcare Payments

OSU KidSpirit qualify as Child and Dependent Care Expenses for tax purposes. These payments may also be used as qualified expenses for your Health and Flexible Spending Arrangement. Consult your tax advisor or IRS Publication 503 for more complete information.


Visitors must first check-in at the KidSpirit Office in Langton 125. We ask that you show a photo ID to verify that you are on the authorized pick-up/visitor list. When you come in, we will issue you a visitor's pass and show you to your camper's group! Lunch visitors can get a visitor pass from the lunch supervisor table. If your camper's activity has a special presentation or performance, our instructors will notify you beforehand with the class time and location so we can issue you a visitor's pass at the place of the performance! (Just make sure you bring your ID!)

What to Bring

At summer camp we ask that your camper comes prepared with:

  • Backpack
  • Lunch
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Snacks (we recommend for full-day campers that you pack at least two snacks, one for the morning and one for the afternoon!)
  • Sun protection (such as sunscreen, sunglasses, or hats), especially on hot days!
  • Swimsuit and towel (swim classes only!); goggles are allowed, but optional!

We provide equipment for all camp activities, however campers may bring their own equipment if you wish. KidSpirit will not be held liable for any loss or damage of any personal belongings.

What NOT to Bring

Games, toys, stuffed animals, action figures, trading cards or electronic devices are not appropriate for camp. Radios, iPods, money, and other valuables should be left at home. All cell phones must remain off during camp hours. Messages for your child can be left at the KidSpirit office at 541.737.KIDS (5437). KidSpirit will not be held liable for any loss or damage of any personal belongings.

What to Wear 

To be properly dressed for active classes, all campers MUST wear athletic shoes. Swim classes require a swimsuit and towel. Gymnastics classes require clothing free of buttons and zippers, and long hair must be tied back.

When putting together a camper's outfit for dress up days, please remember that they need the ability to actively participate in their classes. Also please note that if your camper is swimming, hair dye must be not worn or washed off before entering the pool, so plan accordingly!

Below is the summer camp dress-up day schedule:


Dress-Up Days Schedule

2018 Summer Camp Friday Dress-Up Days




6/22 Pajama Wear your favorite pair of PJs
6/29 Favorite Color Day Show your vibe with your favorite color
7/6 Red, White and Blue Get out your red, white and blue
7/13 Fictional Character Bring your favorite character to life!
7/20 Crazy Hair & Wacky Wear Get crazy, wild, & wacky!
7/27 Pirate YAARRRR! Be wearin' ye pirate garb
8/3 Sports Day What activity are you sporting?
8/10 Tropical Fun Tropical Colors and Aloha Shirts 
8/17 Disney Day Which Disney character is your favorite?
8/24 OSU Spirit Orange & Black - GO BEAVS!
8/31 Super Hero It's a's a, it's you!


For further information regarding summer, check the Summer Camp FAQ Page