The Tales of the Frog Princess by E.D. Baker


The series is as follows:the frog princess


The Frog Princess

Dragon’s Breath

Once Upon a Curse

No Place for Magic

The Salamander Spell (Prequel)

The Dragon Princess

Dragon Kiss

A Prince Among Frogs



The Frog Princess, Dragon’s Breath, Once Upon a Curse and No Place for Magic are about Princess Emma and her adventures in her kingdom of Greater Greensward. She is not an average princess and her spells do go awry sometimes but she has a lot of heart and courage as she tries to find solutions to riddles, get rid of evil witches and maybe like a Prince.


The Salamander Spell is a prequel that was written as the 5th book. It is about Princess Emma’s aunt Grassina when she was a princess. She has to compete with her older sister Chartreuse and has always been in second place. But when a curse plunges Greater Greensward into terror, Grassina returns from an errand with a few surprises – including magic only Chartreuse is supposed to have. As she explores her magic abilities, Grassina realizes that it is SHE who must save the kingdom.


The Dragon Princess, Dragon Kiss and A Prince Among Frogs are about Princess Millie, Emma’s daughter. She happens to be cursed. For whenever she gets angry, she turns into a dragon - a HUGE dragon. These three stories are about her adventures learning to control her ability to change, finding true love, and her younger brother who was turned into a frog.


These delightful books are witty, will build a child’s vocabulary and would be a great read for older children as well. I would recommend it for an advanced 3rd grade reader and up. It would be a great series to read aloud to a less advanced reader.