Tangled is my favorite Disney movie of all time! The movie has a fantastic story line, and amazing illustrations. From the start to the end, the movie kept my attention, and made me eager to find out what would happen next.tangled poster

        I fell in love with all of the characters! Not the bad guys of course, but characters such as the lovely Rapunzel, charming Eugene, and the chameleon Pascal. Yes…a chameleon.  The story line is not what you would expect for it to be, but that is what made the movie enjoyable. The movie is full of magic, joy, and love. Not to mention, the music in the movie is great. It made me want to sing along!

         As much as this movie is cute and entertaining, there is violence in the movie such as wild horse chases, and fighting. However, the fighting scenes are to die for! They are very funny, and I recall many young children at the movie theater laughed the entire time during the fighting and chasing scenes.  

         Here is a little summary about the movie without spoiling any good parts: once upon a time a princess named Rapunzel was born, and taken from her parents by an evil witch. She was locked up away in a tower her entire life with dreams of leaving the tower. One day, a runaway thief stumbled upon Rapunzel’s tower, and begged for help to escape the men who were chasing him. With a plan in mind, Rapunzel agreed to help the thief on the condition that he takes her to see the “floating lights.” The two set off into the world together fighting bad guys, uncovering secrets, and following their dreams. Tangled is a story of greed, hope, friendship and love. I promise you, if you watch this movie you will love it as much as I do.