Tumble-Tastic Outdoor Gymnastics & Movement Camp! 

Our in-person gymnastics camps will be held outdoors! Your gymnast will come to OSU campus and improve their skills with KidSpirit staff on the Student Legacy Park fields outside of Dixon Recreation Center.

  • Two-week camps • Monday-Friday • 2 hrs/day
  • Outdoor gymnastics will focus on strength building and basic tumbling skills, but will include beam and vault skills.
  • Each level is limited to 10 gymnasts.


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  KidSpirit Summer Gymnastics Moves Outside     



The KidSpirit Gymnastics Program has been an integral part of KidSpirit since the program was introduced in 1961
  • Builds flexibility, balance, and strength
  • Builds life skills such as perseverance, patience, trust, and managing risk
  • Classes offered for ages 2-18
  • Encouraging, safe, and non-competitive environment
  • Gymnasts progress at their own pace
  • Safe, physically distanced program that keeps kids active 
Age Dependent Classes




Tumble Bugs
(Ages 4-5)

Gymnasts ages 4-5 will become familiar with basic gymnastics skills including gymnastics shaping, forwards rolls, cartwheels, levers, handstands, and beam/vault skills.

Intermediate Illusions
(Ages 6+)

Gymnasts ages 6+ will master beginner gymnastics skills and acquire new skills such as handstand hops, quarter turns, bridge kick overs, backward roll to pike stand, and beam/vault skills.

Beginner Bounders
(Ages 6+)


Gymnasts ages 6+ will become familiar with basic gymnastics skills including bridges, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and beam/vault skills.

Advanced Aerials 
(Ages 6+)

Gymnasts ages 6+ will master beginner and intermediate gymnastics skills and acquire new skills such as handstand hops, full turns, handstands to bridge, bridge kick overs, round offs, and beam/vault skills. 

Why Do Gymnastics?

  • Build strength and coordination
  • Skills learned can transfer over to almost any other sport

  • Gymnastics is fun!

  • Learn the importance of perseverance and dedication

  • Build confidence and self-assurance

  • Develop social skills, have a great time and most importantly, stay safe!

If you have other questions about the benefits of gymnastics or why we think it is an important sport for everyone to try, call our office at 541.737.KIDS (5437).