Hello everyone! My name is Emilie "Blackberry" and I've been working at KidSpirit since fall term. I've had the opportunity to work as an office assistant and to help with some really cool special projects. Since I started working at KidSpirit I have learned a lot!  Here are just few of the skills that I have learned from the things I have done…


  • Worked with Excel and I now know the basics
  • I've become a pro at multitasking
  • I've managed and completed my own projects successfully
  • Gained a ton of computer skills!
  • Improved my professional demeanor and use this when answering phone calls
  • Become better at/realize the importance of effective communication
  • Been able to have a hand in all programs as an office assistant
  • Gained time management skills
  • Can see both my direct and indirect impact with the kids
  • Received training in website management
  • I've been a part of fund raising/grant proposals
  • Got to work individually and as a team
  • I get to work directly with my director
  • I've learned how to effectively give and receive constructive feedback


Working in the office and on special projects has broadened my skill set SO much. Not only have I developed my professionalism, I've had fun along the way! Many thanks to the KidSpirit/Girls on the Run staff for being the greatest staff around!