1)      Be flexible: The number one skill I have learned from KidSpirit is to always be flexible. KidSpirit has taught me that things change, and you have to be ready to adapt to any change that may occur. Sometimes my schedule has changed three times before being correct and I think it has been very important to learn to be okay with that, and just always be willing and ready to adapt to a change.
2)      Choose your attitude: Although this is part of the FISH philosophy it has also taught me a lot. Some days are going to just plain suck, there are going to be days where nothing goes your way, and where everything changes and throws you off you’re a-game. I have learned that no matter the instance or scenario it is incredibly important to choose my attitude. My attitude not only affects me, but also everyone around me. No one wants to come into the office and talk to the grumpy looking girl in the corner. Life will be much more pleasant and rewarding for myself and others around me if I choose my attitude.
3)      Be proactive: If you ever find yourself thinking there is nothing to be done, find something to do. There is always work that can be done, whether it is helping someone else with their work, or  cleaning the office space. I have learned that there is always something productive you can find to do to occupy your time, help others around you, and to make KidSpirit be the best it can be.
4)      Be resourceful: KidSpirit has taught me to be resourceful. A supervisor or boss is not always going to be available to answer your questions. You need to be able to find answers on your own and use all available resources to do the best you can do.
5)      Know the border between work and play: KidSpirit has taught me to always have fun, but still to remain professional at the same time. I have learned to be able to detect the fine line between having fun while working and just goofing off. It is extremely important to have a good time doing your job and to enjoy your work, but it is also extremely important to remain professional and still get your work completed.