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You can work as a Head Instructor, teaching kids anything from Sports, Art, Cooking, Science. Whatever your passion is, you will get the chance to pass it on at KidSpirit.  You'll laugh, play, and educate kids, fueling their passions as well as stoking the fires of your own.

Work as a Camp Counselor and you will be able to work one on one with the campers.  Getting the chance to spend the entire day with a group of campers ranging in age from 6 - 13.  You will be able to help the kids and participate in all of their activities.  You are the first line of defense against tears, booboos, and a boring time.

Behind the scenes in the Office, will give you a chance to see how a camp is run.  Whether it is taking care of sick kids, taking a break, answering parents questions, or just in generally making sure KidSpirit operates smoothly.  In the Office you will be the unsung and sung heroes of KidSpirit, keeping everybody prepared and ready to educate and entertain.


Rate ($) Experience
9.10 0-3 months
9.10-9.20 3 months - 1 year
9.20-9.30 1-2 years*
9.30-9.40 2-3 years*
9.40 & up 3+ years*
  *Experience or special level of responsibility/certification

Corvallis KidSpirit Summer Day Camp


Have intern or practicuum hours that you need to fill for a class? Contact KidSpirit or Girls on the Run at 541.737.5437 as we have many opportunities available! Click here to login and submit an application!







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