Who We Are and What We Do

In our archery classes, we teach the mechanisms and techniques of firing, proper safety precautions, archery vocab, and history lessons about this exciting sport! Our instructors will work hands on with your child to help improve their stance, aim and focus. Whether you're a regular Robin Hood or have never picked up a bow before, we have a class for you!

Class & Pick-up Location

Classes take place in the Langton Archery Range, a covered area towards the south end of the Langton Hall between Langton and Dixon Rec Center. Pick-up takes place at the archery range once class has ended. Instructors will notify you if classes will be at E.E. Wilson instead.

Can't Find Us?

Don't stress! Contact the Kidspirit office and we'll be happy to help you find your way.

Wondering about parking?

Find out at our parking page! Or check out OSU's visitor parking page!


What to Bring

  • All archery equipment is provided
  • Closed toe shoes are required
  • Dress appropriately for the weather (raincoat if needed, layers, etc.)
  • Snacks and water bottle are not provided, bring as needed
  • Pull back long hair
  • No Jewelry (Instructor will moderate this as needed)


We would love to have you visit!

We just ask, for safety reasons, that nonparticipants stay in the designated viewing area as specified by the instructor.

Archery's easy to learn, but difficult to perfect. Our archers learn many important, lifelong skills like:
  • Determination to repeat technique
  • Calm and accuracy under pressure
  • Managing breathing, concentration, and nervousness


What If We've Never Done Archery Before?

Worry not! Kidspirit Archery is a professional program dedicated to working with children of all levels. Our instructors are trained on how to teach all skill levels. All Children who go through Kidspirit Archery will gain the knowledge of a lifelong sport.

Is KidSpirit Archery a 4-H Affiliated Program? 

All of the lessons taught at Kidspirit come directly from 4-H objectives. Our instructors write their lessons based off of what 4-H believes to be the most impactful skills.

Arrowheads (Beginner) Ages 9+: $75

Saturdays 10:00am to 11:00am 

In our Arrowheads class, we teach our junior archers the proper archery stance, bow and arrow holding technique. Arrowheads learn the mechanics of a bow and arrow! Your child will come home excited to share the history of archery along with all different type of bow and arrows!

Bowmaster (Advanced) Ages 9+: $110

Saturdays 10:00am-11:30am 

Our Bowmasters class teaches different archery stances, the mechanics of drawing back on the string, aiming techniques, and the form and precision of shooting. We'll also introduce the Bowmasters to competitive archery techniques such as scoring, Olympic rules and more!

Fall Football Home Game Days 

On home game days, class will be held at the E.E. Wilson archery range. Classes will still begin at 10 am and you are responsible for transportation of your child to and from the venue.

Watch a Video about a style of Archery in the World!


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