KidSpirit Parking Information

Unless it is an evening or weekend (except for home football games), you will need to pay to park on campus. You have a few options to choose from: 


$1 per hour at the OSU Parking Garage or Kerr West parking lot

The parking garage on 26th and Washington, and the Kerr Administration building, are not far from our building (Langton Hall on Jefferson). You can pay $1/hour in the parking garage at the pay station on the third floor, or at the west parking lot of the Kerr Administration building with the Passport app. You will find directions located on the parking space signs. You can find more information and a map here: .

Metered parking in front of Dixon Recreation Center

There are metered parking spaces in front of Dixon Recreation Center on 26th street, which is right behind our building. Sometimes these spots are full, so you may want to give yourself enough time to head to the parking garage if so.

KidSpirit Family Parking Permits

If you want to park closer than the parking garage, or don't want to worry about paying at the kiosk/trying to get a metered spot, you can purchase a special KidSpirit parking permit. This allows you to park in any A, B, or C commuter zones and metered spaces for up to 30 minutes. The permit is $45.00 and is good for 90 days from the date of purchase. The closest parking to our building is the Goss stadium (baseball field) parking lot off of Washington Way (an A zone).

To purchase a Kidspirit permit, email OSU Transportation Services at [email protected] to receive an email invitation to purchase online. Multiple vehicles can be associated with your permit.


For questions about parking, please call OSU Transportation Services at 541.737.2583, or visit .