OSU Transportation Services offers a special parking permit for KidSpirit families during the summer. The permit is $45.00 and is active from June 15th to September 1st. This is a price increase from previous summers, but families can park for 30 minutes instead of only 15 minutes. This pass can be used when dropping off and picking up a child. To purchase a permit, go to the OSU Transportation Services office in Adams Hall, located on the corner of 15th and Washington Way. Permits will be available May 1st, but will not be active until June 15th. Permits are transferable between cars.

Permit holders are allowed to park in any metered parking. Metered parking locations include:

  • The parking garage, located across from Gill Coliseum and by the OSU Bookstore on 26th street, offers long-term metered parking. Quarters, dollars, and credit cards accepted.
  • In front of Dixon Recreation Center on 26th street. Cost is $2 for 1 hour with a 2 hour maximum. Quarters, nickles, and dimes accepted.
  • The parking lot on the corner of 14th street and Washington Way.
  • Benton Place, located off of Washington Way.
  • In the parking lot off of Jefferson Way next to the Kerr Administration Building and McAlexander Fieldhouse.

During the weekends, parking is free in all student, visitor, faculty, and staff parking lots.

There is no longer a free parking lot past the student and staff parking lot on Washington Way.

For questions about parking, please call OSU Parking Services at 541.737.2583 or visit https://transportation.oregonstate.edu/parking/ for more information on parking on OSU campus.