KidSpirit Parking Information (Updated 2022)

KidSpirit Family Parking Permits

OSU Transportation Services offers a special parking permit for KidSpirit families. The permit is $45.00 for the term purchased. This pass can be used to park for up to 30 minutes when dropping off and picking up a child.

To purchase a permit, please call OSU Transportation Services (541) 737-2583 or email [email protected] Permits will be valid starting Summer Term. Multiple vehicles can be associated with your permit.

Permit holders are allowed to park in any A, B, or C commuter zones and metered spaces for up to 30 minutes for pick-up/drop-off of KidSpirit participants.

Some Parking Areas Close to KidSpirit Programs
  • The parking garage, located across from Gill Coliseum and by the OSU Bookstore on 26th street
  • Parking spaces in front of Dixon Recreation Center on 26th street (metered paid parking; two hours maximum)
  • The parking lot on the corner of 14th street and Washington Way
  • Benton Place, located off of Washington Way
  • In the parking lot of Kerr Administration Building off of Jefferson Way (near McAlexander Fieldhouse)
More Information

Permits are not required in commuter zone parking lots after 5:00 pm and on weekends. This may alter in some lots depending on OSU sports games.

For questions about parking, please call OSU Transportation Services at 541.737.2583, or visit for more information.