KidSpirit Scholarships

Help us make KidSpirit Summer Camp accesible for all kids by donating in one of two ways. 

1) Donate to Summer 2020 Scholarships by donating to the 4-H KidSpirit Program Fund. This is a fund in which your donation will go towards a sholarship requested from a child this summer.

2) Donate for future Summers and programs by donating to the 4-H Geoff Tomlinson KidSpirit Scholarship Fund. This is an endowment fund in which the principal of your donation remains intact and the interest is what provides scholarships for years to come. 

Thanks for all the support!

4-H Geoff "Ash" Tomlinson Endowment Fund

With the passing of Geoff "Ash" Tomlinson in the summer of 2012, KidSpirit is united in supporting Geoff's family, friends, and the KidSpirit community at large. An incredibly valuable member of KidSpirit, Geoff served KidSpirit in many different capacities with his wide array of talents. Starting in 2005, Geoff has been with KidSpirit as a student, a staff, and even completed Postdoctoral Research.

From a 2010 KidSpirit Staff: "Ash is amazing, he always makes my day. He is so caring and excited to see me and I never feel like I give him as much as he gives me. There is not a time or day that goes by that he does not say 'hey' to me or greet me in some way."

See the Gazette Times Obituary Article for Geoff. Geoff was also mentioned in the Roses and Raspberries column.


The above pictures say "I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy" from a Savage Garden song called Truly, Madly, Deeply. It also says "Forever in our hearts and never to be forgotten".

Geoff's friends and family still actively celebrate his life on his Facebook Tribute/Memorial Page, where you are welcome to join them. You can also help immortalize Geoff's memory by donating to the Geoff Tomlinson KidSpirit Scholarship.

KidSpirit's Tribute Video to Geoff


Geoff's Photo Book by KidSpirit

You can learn more about Geoff by visiting the foundation created in his honor, the Geoff Tomlinson Foundation or by watching his Power Up! Challenge video.