KidSpirit Scholarships

KidSpirit has two “buckets” for donations:

The Geoff Tomlinson KidSpirit Scholarship Endowment Fund is a specialized investment account used exclusively for scholarships which provide families in need with the means to attend our camps. We can only access a portion of these funds at a time, as the rest of the money accrues interest. This allows your donations to help more people as time goes on.

The KidSpirit Program Fund is a general fund we use at the discretion of our leadership team for important resources. The program fund may go towards equipment, staff development and training, curriculum development, and occasionally backup scholarships when the endowment allowance isn’t enough.

Whichever fund you decide to donate to, we appreciate your support and all that your funds do for our programs! Thank you!

Geoff "Ash" Tomlinson

Geoff “Ash” Tomlinson was an influential and inspiring KidSpirit staff member who passed away unexpectedly in the summer of 2012. As The Gazette Times eloquently wrote that year, he was “well regarded as a mentor, friend, trusted employee and someone that everyone could rely on.” Because of Ash’s inspiring legacy and impact in our program, KidSpirit has united with his family and friends to direct our scholarship fund in his memory. We honor his impact on our community with this endowment which allows children of all means to attend our programs and be inspired by heroes like him!

Geoff was a remarkable leader, a patient mentor and a dedicated problem solver. He loved having fun, making memories, and running for mental health and wellbeing. He was an OSU alumnus in the field of computer science, and was well known for his intelligence as well as his care.

In the words of "Ms. Chipotle," a fellow KidSpirit staff member who worked with Ash, "I remember thinking to myself as soon as I got to know him, he had the best personality anyone can have as a supervisor. He was extremely helpful to me, and I will miss his presence. He taught and influenced so many people in his life!"

The above pictures say "I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy," lyrics from the Savage Garden song “Truly, Madly, Deeply.” It also says "Forever in our hearts and never to be forgotten."

You can see more praises and photographs of Ash and join his friends and family in celebrating his life on his Facebook Tribute/Memorial Page. You can also help immortalize Geoff's memory by donating to the Geoff Tomlinson KidSpirit Scholarship.

KidSpirit's Tribute Video to Geoff