Some positions might be unavailable based on the time of year you apply. Contact us with any questions about positions.

Working as a staff member at KidSpirit requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance, but it is one of the most rewarding work experiences out there! Our staff are a team of lifelong learners who work collaboratively, build community and strive to make each day better and more jubilant than the last. If you’re ready to learn and grow in the role of a mentor to our camp participants, then you’ll make a great part of our team!

On this page, you can read the general position descriptions for positions available at KidSpirit. Some of these positions may be unavailable based on time of year. During the application process, you can read more detailed descriptions of the expectations for each role.


There are TWO applications that must be submitted to be considered for employment.

  1.  The KidSpirit application: An in-depth application that we take into deep consideration when reviewing applicants. Takes about 25-30 minutes to complete.
  2. The OSU application: Asks for basic information and a resume. This application takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Head Instructor

KidSpirit Head Instructor is responsible for carrying out the mission of the OSU KidSpirit Program in an environment that is safe, exciting and challenging for the youth and the staff. The head instructor is responsible for planning, conducting and supervision of instruction emphasizing skill development in a respective sport/activity along with being responsible for the well being of participants, camp counselors, and assistants. Head instructors plan and provide activities for large and small groups as well as 1:1 instruction.  

We are looking for Head Instructors for:

  • Archery
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Gymnastics
  • Sewing
  • Sports
  • Swimming

"Head Instructing taught me how to be more confident and comfortable working with kids. I even got more experience working with new age groups, which was really fun!" -Noodle (2021)

Camp Counselor

Staff is responsible for supervision, safety and care of all children assigned to his/her group; developing and maintaining consistent discipline procedures; organized and enjoyable transitions between activity sites; encouraging participation in all activities; fostering a positive environment for all children; instilling a sense of group unity and cohesion. This staff must understand and embody the KidSpirit mission and goals. Staff is required to complete 30 hours of training prior to the first day of camp.

“KidSpirit is a new experience each and every time. You will leap outside your comfort zone and learn what you are truly able to do." - Spirit (2016)

Office Staff and Marketing/Multimedia

  • Office staff must be knowledgeable in all of the KidSpirit programs, policies and procedures in order to maintain current operations and give quality insight into improvements. Daily responsibilities include positive customer service, database entries, filing, answering phones, processing registrations, assisting children and creating a helpful and supportive office environment.
  • Marketing/Multimedia: Responsible for, but not limited to, photography, writing, graphics, videography, and social media platforms promoting KidSpirit. Marketing occasionally may be asked to assist or instruct class activities along with helping in the office. 

"The Office at KidSpirit is where all the magic happens and we have often been referred to as 'the heart of KidSpirit'. There's a lot of work to be done but it's so rewarding to keep all of our wonderful programs up and running!" - MoMo (2015)

Leadership Team 

The Leadership Team utilizes their past experience at KidSpirit to ensure all aspects of KidSpirit run smoothly. This includes program management, scheduling, emergency response, professional development, maintaining a positive atmosphere, communicating to supervised staff and peers, consistently performing duties, and working collaboratively with the rest of the leadership staff. Leadership positions vary throughout the year, so communication with camp director/assistant camp director(s) is necessary. 

"Leadership at KidSpirit requires you to be outside of your comfort zone everyday, but everyday you have the reaffirmation that someone will always catch you no matter what" - Top Hat (2010)


Volunteer positions are available both during the school year and during KidSpirit's Summer Day Camp. Volunteers are responsible for, but not limited to, specific KidSpirit project areas. It is the student’s task to present a project area idea to KidSpirit administrators for completing practicum or internship opportunities. There may be circumstances that exist where projects are already predetermined and students will be given the opportunity to choose a project.

"Working with Teen Leaders was never something I would have seen myself loving, but I have truly never experienced something that I felt as passionate about as the Teen Leader program. Every day, whether easy or hard, is more rewarding than I ever thought a job could be. Teenagers are awesome!" - Smiles (2016)

Counselor In Training (CIT)- Unpaid

This volunteer position includes training focused on assisting summer camp staff and developing professional skills including resume workshops and community service opportunities. Skills required to become a CIT include: ability to work independently, being task oriented, experience working with children, ability to take instruction, general interest in developing professionalism, and ability to give and receive feedback.