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About KidSpirit Scholarships

KidSpirit is committed to serving everyone in our community and ensure all youth have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive — which is why we provide financial aid through our Scholarship Program, reducing the cost of program fees and child care services that are offered through our Summer Day Camps.

Due to the high number of scholarships requests, KidSpirit only awards scholarships based on financial need and are generally 50% of the program registration. We do make exceptions for extenuating circumstances and situations such as a family in medical crisis, foster families, etc. We will strive to help in any way we can to make KidSpirit accessible to all families.

To determine financial need, we use the 2018 Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, informally referred to as the "federal poverty level." The guidelines determine the benefit levels of many low-income assistance programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

It is important to recognize that the federal poverty level is well below what it actually takes for a family to meet basic needs.

Scholarship Qualifications

In order to qualify for our scholarship, families need to provide proof of financial need in any of the ways below:

Express Verification (one of the following)

  • Letter from state stating family qualifies for SNAP benefits and/or free or reduced lunch
  • Documentation of qualifying for Head Start
  • Letter from caseworker for foster children

Traditional Verification (Both listed below)

  • One-page, typed statement describing circumstances and need for requesting an OSU KidSpirit Summer Day Camp Scholarship.
  • Letter of recommendation from a non-family member, addressing the parent’s/guardian’s level of need and how/why the OSU KidSpirit Summer Day Camp will benefit the child.
And one of the options below:
  • Copy of two of your most recent pay stubs, with all additional sources of monthly income documented.
  • Most recent tax return — first two pages of Forms 1040 or 1040A (Self-employed individuals must include Schedule C)
  • Other income verification (if applicable): SSI or Disability Statement letter, Unemployment Benefits

Applying For KidSpirit Scholarship

To apply for KidSpirit Scholarships, simply choose one of these methods below:

Apply Online With Online Registration

We have updated our online registration system to include scholarship applications for selected programs, if it is enabled for the program you are registering for, you will be able to see an option to Apply for scholarships at the Payment tab.

Simply follow the instructions on the application process to complete the application, you would need to upload the required supporting document(s) (see qualifications above) during the process.

Apply Manually With Scholarship Forms

If you are unable to apply online or if you are registering manually, you can complete the Scholarship Forms (see sections below) and email it to [email protected] along with the required supporting document(s) (see qualifications above).

If you have questions at any point, please feel free to give us a call at 541 737 5437 and we will be more than happy to help!

Summer Scholarship Form Version 2021

School Year Scholarship Form Version 2021