Scholarships are Available!

We are committed to making KidSpirit accessible to all families, so we award scholarships for ALL of our programs. These are based on need and availability of funds. We can award up to 50% of the cost of tuition!

How to Apply

To apply for a scholarship, you'll need to begin registration for your child online. Even if you are not sure if you can participate without a scholarship, you'll still need to begin the registration process in order to apply for a scholarship. When you get to the payment section, select "apply for scholarship". You'll be asked to select a reason for applying, and to upload any necessary documentation/explanation (see qualifications below).

You can also call our office at (541) 737-5437or email [email protected] to apply for a scholarship. 

You can still register and apply for a scholarship up to 2 weeks AFTER classes have started.

We can let you know if you've been awarded a scholarship shortly before classes start. We need to know how many children we ultimately have registered in a program, and how many have applied for scholarships, to calculate how many we can award.


Scholarship Qualifications

When applying for a scholarship, you'll be asked to select and verify one of the following criteria to determine eligibility:

  • Child qualifies for Head Start (upload documentation)
  • Child qualifies for Free or Reduced Lunch (upload letter from the state)
  • Applying for a Foster Child (upload a letter of need from case worker)
  • Requesting for other reason (upload a one-page, typed statement describing: 1) circumstances and need for requesting a scholarship; 2) letter of recommendation from a non-family member addressing the parent's/guardian's level of need and how/why an OSU KidSpirit Program will benefit the child; 3) a copy of a current pay stub(s) and documention of any additional sources of income.)


    Click here to register online!