Check out my 5 great tips to keep ready and raring to go!


  • Drink water throughout the day:
  • This will keep your athlete feeling good and ready to do anything throughout the week. It will also keep your athlete going in your gymnastics class.

gymnasts stretching


  • Eat an hour before you come:
  • This will help many things. First it will help your little athlete have enough energy to complete their class. Being hungry is a distraction and will make your athlete grumpy. Teachers and parents don't want to have grumpy kids!


  • Practice simple stretches:
  • These will help your athlete be able to keep up and advance a little faster in class. Some good stretches are touching your toes, stretching your arms, and stretching your neck.


  • Do simplified moves:
  • Find a safe and open area and practice things like cartwheels, hand stands or levers, jumps, and splits. 


  • Stay active everyday:
  • This will improve your athletes mood, their chances for being sick will go down, and keep them more well rounded!