Finding the right bow to use may seem like a daunting task for the beginning archer. Here are some tips when searching for the right bow to purchase.

Genesis Original Bow


Generally, beginner archers should use recurve bows rather than traditional longbows. This is because beginner longbows are hard to find and are very expensive. Recurve bows are cheaper and will teach children to shoot the same way as longbows.

When selecting a recurve bow or longbow, it would be best to find one about as tall as yourself. If you stand the bow on your shoe top, the other tip should come between your eyes and your chin.

Another important aspect of buying a bow is finding the right draw weight. Draw weight is the pulling force required to pull back onchild drawing a bow the bow string. These are measured in pounds. It is recommended that you purchase a bow that you can comfortably pull back and hold for at least 5-7 seconds at least 8 times.  Note: When testing a bow’s draw weight, be sure not to dry fire (Releasing bow string without an arrow), instead, slowly return bow string back to normal position, preventing damage to the bow

Remember, although it may be cool to tell everyone you can pull back on a strong bow, your archery skills will not improve if your focus is on pulling back the bow instead of your archery form.


Choosing Arrows:

Do not buy wooden arrows! Although Robin Hood and others 70 years ago used wooden arrows, that doesn’t mean we have to. Wooden arrows are very easy to break and have the potential to cut your hands when using them. More durable arrows are recommended for use. Let’s discuss other alternatives to wooden arrows:


Fiberglass arrows tend to last a long time but are heavy. Heavy arrows can’t be shot as far as lighter ones. They are very inexpensive, but hard to repair. Also, when they break, they can create a lot of sharp fibers, so dispose of these carefully.

Aluminum arrows are durable and easy to repair. They are a little more expensive than fiberglass arrows, but weigh less. Aluminum arrows can also be bent, which will affect their flight when shot. It is easy to straighten them, but you do not want to shoot arrows that are bent, so be careful!

Carbon arrows are what we use at KidSpirit. They are the most expensive, but they are also the lightest and do not bend. They are hard to break, but when they do they are like fiberglass arrows in that they can create sharp fibers.


A very important aspect of buying arrows is to make sure that the arrow is not too short! A short arrow can fall off the bow when pulling back and is dangerous.


Bows to buy:

Bear® Archery Fred Bear Lit'l Brave 2 Recurve Bow