My name is Peter Orrestad and Rex is my KidSpirit name.  I am going to be a senior in Speech Communications and

Digital Media Arts and have been working at KidSpirit since the beginning of last summer.


When I started at KidSpirit, I worked as a Head Instructor for the summer where I got a chance to get my feet wet so

to speak and experience KidSpirit for the first time.  At the end of the summer I ended up getting transferred to the

marketing department where I slowly began to find my interests and strengths.  I have gotten the opportunity to

exploremy interests in the marketing and public relations.  I fell in love with it and I felt that I had finally found what

it is that I wanted to do when I graduate and threw myself into it.  I began to manage are social media pages as well

as help manage our website.  I don’t think I have ever learned  so much in so quickly and have loved my time at



KidSpirit is a fun place to work.  Everyone is always high energy and positive.  Not to say that people don’t have their

bad days, but someone is always there to lift your spirits.  This combined with our unique FISH philosophy has created

a wonderful place for not only our staff but the kids we work with too! 


KidSpirit has given me a lot of skills to use and invaluable contacts to help me through my college career.  Frankly, if

I wasn’t at KidSpirit I have no idea where I would be or how well I would even be doing.