This is a CGI film created by Dreamworks Pictures that tells the story of the Guardians (Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and Jack Frost) banding together to defeat the Boogeyman.  All in all, this is a great movie with plenty of action, adventure and humor to keep both kids and parents engaged.  This movie is very comparable to The Avengers but with holiday icons. 

rise of the guardians poster
Each icon has their own personality and their own choice of weapons.  These weapons are mostly cartoonish, the Easter Bunny throws eggs that explode in bright colors (think fireworks), the Sandman can form pretty much anything out of his golden sand, Santa does have two swords but only uses them to slash at the black sand creatures created by the Boogeyman which disappear in a poof of sand.  These sand creatures look like horses but could still give some younger kids a scare.  They could also find Pitch scary since there are times when he has the upper hand and puts the Guardians in peril. The low point of the film occurs when the Sandman is defeated by the Boogeyman and disappears in a cloud of black sand and is mourned by the other characters.  However, he does return at the end of the movie to help save the day.  In Jack Frost’s origin it is revealed that he fell through the ice of a lake before his transformation into a Guardian.  These would be the more upsetting parts of the movie.  In terms of violence, Santa does use his swords but only against the nightmares who then quickly disappear, and the Easter Bunny does use his exploding eggs with a similar result. 

The only questionable language comes from the Easter Bunny who often remarks “bloody” this or “bloody” that and the Boogeyman tells him to go suck an egg.  In terms of any risque matrial, the only thing that could be consider is how some of the Tooth Fairies helpers swoon over Jack Frost. 

All in all, unless your child is especially sensitive to scary images this is an easy choice for a movie night.  Dreamworks reimagining of popular holiday icons is a fun adventure flick with the message to never forget your childhood or the power of belief.