When working with kids there are often times where there might be a little downtime and it would be nice to have an activity to fill the time. Below I have listed some of the best games that can be played on the spot with no equipment ranging from small groups to full classes:


Blastoff (ages 3-7, 1-25 kids):

This is a very simple game that allows children to use their imagination and act as rockets and fly around. To play, the leader will start by asking a participant where they want to “blastoff” to. Once a planet has been picked you must prepare by putting on your imaginary jumpsuit, helmet and seatbelt. The leader then says “are all my astronauts ready, and waits for a response, then starts a countdown…10..9..8.etc. As the time continues to countdown the children will squat down to an almost sitting position. Once the kids runningcountdown reaches 0 the leader will yell blastoff, where the kids will jump up and run around until the leader says “all astronauts return to landing position”. Repeat.


Palms Up (any age, partners):

This is a very simple game that focuses on timing and quick reactions. To play to participants stand face to face with one placing their hands on top of the others. The person with their hands below is trying to gently slap the top of the other persons hands before they can pull them back and remove them. Take turns in each spot. *Note: Palms face each other


Rain (ages 5-9, 4-12 participants):

Participants stand in a circle. The leader in the middle starts at one participant and begins to move in a clockwise fashion around the circle. While they are doing this they will do a certain movement to do with rain that participants begin when the leader passes them: sequence of rain (rubbing hands together, snapping fingers, patting thighs, stomping feet).


Sneak Attack (ages 5-12, 10-20 participants):

Kids always love tag, and this is personally my favorite. To start, half the participants will be lined up on each sideline of the room, with one group turned around.  The group not turned around will start to move towards the other group. Once they get close the leader will yell sneak attack and the group turned around will then pursue the group sneaking up on them back to the sideline starting spot. If tagged the participant joins the other side.


Up, Over, and Around (ages 5-8, 6-20 participants):  

In this game half the participants will create an object with their body (road, bridge, rock) that the other half of the participants then go over, under, or around respectively.  Think of this as a human obstacle course, but be sure they don’t try to run through and trip over each other.   See how many they can do in a certain amount of time. 


Cooperative Stand-up (ages 8+, partners):

Participants sit back to back with shoulders touching. There task is to try to stand up without using their arms or pushing up off the ground. If they are able to do it and there are more than one group then combine and try it with four people.

 kids standing

Octopus(ages 8+, 5-8 participants):

Participants stand in a circle and grab the arms of two separate people across from them. Participants then try to untangle without letting go.


Body twister (ages 10+, partners):

This activity is led by one individual with everyone else partnered up.  The leader will then pick two body parts that the partners must stick together (ex. Knee to toe). Participants must hold every spot that they are told to unless the leader tells them they can remove it. A group is out if they remove without being told.