Have you been looking for a new book to read?  Having trouble finding a new book for your kids?  Check out these resources to help you on your search!


1.       Goodreads.com

This website is a lifesaver for organizationally challenged readers. It’s a social network that lets you create a library of books that you have read or are reading, and helps you record your progress, write reviews, and find out what your friends are reading. Using a system that analyzes the genres you like and how you rate the books you’ve recently read, it predicts new books that you may be interested in. There are extensive privacy controls to protect your security, and itsomeone reading a book is user friendly enough that you and your kids can jump right in. My favorite part: The site also has a mobile app that lets you scan the barcode of a book using your phone to add it to your online library. You can do a whole book shelf in 20 minutes!

2.       Book Blogs

There are hundreds of blogs out there that review children’s and young adult books to help you make purchasing decisions. Many of these get advanced copies from publishers so that they can rate them before they hit the stores. Review blogs aren’t the only resources, though. Many of your favorite authors also keep personal blogs where they talk about books that they love right now, and books that they’re excited to read.

3.       Local Bookstores

When you enter a site like Amazon.com where the options are nearly infinite, a potential book buyer can be a little daunted. They do a great job trying to point you in the right direction, flipping through pages and finding something that catches your eye. Sometimes judging a book by its cover can open up a new genre for your children! The Book Bin (215 SW 4th St, Corvallis) and Browsers Bookstore (121 NW 4th St, Corvallis) are great budget options for spending some time and picking out some options.

4.       Teachers

Teachers are an excellent resource for all things kids. Ask them for suggestions! They see what their students are reading, read young adult books themselves, and make wish lists for their classroom libraries.

5.       The Local Library!

The Corvallis Benton County Library has excellent young adult and children’s collections, and amazing librarians who are over the moon to help you out. Their facebook page is full of suggestions, and if you tell them what you’re reading currently, they’ll help you find amazing things to try next.