Archers in History by Meadowlark

One of the most interesting parts of being in an Archery class is knowing that you are doing an activity that people have been practicing for centuries! Archers play an important role in our history, and many favorite literary figures have been familiar with the bow and arrow...Read More

Archery Update by Slinky

The Archery class has completed its fourth week this term. We have been focusing on the archery aspects of stance, aiming, and.... Read More

A Brief History of the Bow and Arrow by Sonic

The sport of Archery has become very popular in American culture in the past few years. This is largely due to many of the movies such as the Hunger Games where the sport was a key component of the film. Few however know the history of archery and how it has arrived to where it is today. Read More

Food to Fun By Stringbean

Although there is not a specific date put on when the first bow and arrow was invented, cave drawings dating back thousands of years show that they have been around for ages.  Read more

Finding the Right Bow By Dynamic

Finding the right bow to use may seem like a daunting task for the beginning archer. Here are some tips when searching for the right bow to purchase.  Read more